Can I use the dashboard for betting system creation?

The dashboard is made up of a series of tick box criteria and numeric boxes. To ensure your search produces an output you must ensure that at least one box per section is ticked (or valid numerical values entered in the minimum and maximum boxes) You must use decimal odds between 0 and 100.

If you wanted to find the previous results from horses that were Favourite (or Joint Favourites) running at Windsor, with odds between 1.01 and 4.00 over a distance of 3 miles of less, trained by a specific owner then you can easily specify this from the tick box and odds ranges. This will then produce an output showing the profit of these past races. This will allow you to check for upcoming races that meet the same criteria and create a system based upon this. 

Phase 2 of the Racing-Bet-Data launch will incorporate a "save a system" function similar to that used by our sister site Football-Bet-Data

How do I use the dashboard for data extraction?

If you wanted to get data output for races at Newton Abbot for year 2012, you would select the relevant racecourse code (In this instance NAB) within the tick box range. Then select all default criteria for other filters, and tick the relevant year from the filter and click get results. This will display an overview of all the results which can then be exported to Excel directly with full odds data within the download.

What does the winning distance mean?

Winning distance can be interprested in 2 ways, one way is distance between the horse and the horse in front, the other is distance between that horse and the winner. Prior to 29th March 2017 we used the first option - all data from 29th March 2017 onwards uses distance from the horse to the winner.

Can I still use the site if I do not have Excel?

Yes, you do not have to download information, but by downloading you can access more data than is possible to display on the screen only. Also without Excel you can download with open office as an alterative.

I am having problems downloading data to Excel?

The issue might be related to Microsoft Security Update KB3115262 for Excel that was released July 12, 2016. The security update information can be found in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-088 - Critical.

Try these workarounds workarounds (in order of preference):

  • Instead of clicking Open, save the file and then open it
  • In Excel Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View, uncheck the top two options. This is potentially unsafe.
  • Uninstall the security update.

Can I compare 2 horses past performance against each other?

Using our head to head option from the top menu you can analyse 2 horses performance against each other. Select the first letter of each horse from the drop down boxes and click the "Update filter" box. Then using the drop down menu you can select the horses you want to compare by either typing their name or scrolling to the relevant place. Click "Get results" once you have chosen your two horses and the out put for each will be displayed below.

You can also use the head to head page for just one horse. Leave the horse 2 filter set to default (none) and it will return all the races of the horse selected from the horse 1 filter 

Can I check the jockey / horse / trainer strike rate?

In the output table on the main page you can view the strike rates and days sicne last run for a horse by hovering over the "i" to the far right column of the output table

What is pace data? 

Pace data is sometimes known as Pace Analysis or Sectional Timing. It times horses at certain parts (or sections) of a race and notes its speed at that point. We only started providing pace data from 11th September 2017. Not all horses have a pace data rating, which is why we include the "Show selections with no pace data" tickbox. Pace ratings are from 1-10 (10 being the strongest or fastest)

Why can't I see any data before certain dates?

As part of our ongoing site and data improvement program, In June 2015 we added 3 additional data criteria to the existing filter and output ranges. OR (Official Rating), Winning Distance, and Predicted SP Odds. This data wasn't available for races before June 2015, so you will need to ensure the "Include horses with no odds information" box is ticked (it is ticked by default)

This will allow you to see races for any date period you select despite them not having the predicted odds information available. 

In October 2015 we added the additional data Headgear (Shows if a horse was wearing any headgear). This data wasn't available for races before October 2015, so you will need to ensure the "None" box is ticked (it is ticked by default)

How is the each way profit calculated?

By rolling the cursor over the "Profitability explained" area it gives a table showing the breakdown for each way calculation (as below). The payout is a % based on the horses finishing place and how many runners were in the race.

each way

What do the figures mean in the data summary table?

The summary table provides an overview of the races that have met your desired criteria. The profit / loss figures are the result of backing horses at level stakes (10 units to win and 10 units each way).

The yield shows you ROI based on flat 10 unit stakes. This uses the SP odds or Betfair SP odds.

The second table breaks down the results based on whether the horse was a favourite, 2nd favourite, 3rd favourite or other non favourite.

I have upgraded my account but I still have restricted access to the data?

Once you have received our confirmation email advising of account upgrade you should be able to log straight in for full functionality. 

If you have received this email but still have restricted access please ensure you clear your cookies, or close your browser and login again. It maybe that your session as a basic member is still active.

Please also check to ensure you have entered your login details correctly. Login's are case sensitive and any typing error will revert your login to the basic account.

If you are still having problems please contact us

I have paid but can not access the data yet?

Please allow up to 24 hours for account activation. This is usually a few minutes but sometimes the system can take a bit longer to process. If you have received your confirmation of upgrade, make sure you have not paid using an echeque. Echeque's take anywhere from 5 - 10 days to clear and your account access will not be granted until the payment has cleared.

Finally, check the typing of your username (email address) and password, including case sensitivity. If you make a mistake entering your details your login will revert to basic member access for that session. You will need to allow the session to timeout or clear your cookies and login again with your correct details. Please check you are entering your details exactly as on sign up. If you need to change your details / password please contact us so we can update the database accordingly

How is the going determined?

Going is changeable, it can turn one way then the other during the course of a meet, and is also weather dependant. The possible combinations of the going run well into the hundreds.We have tried to simplify the goings into 25 separate categories which are typically the going declared before the meet commences. Where the going wasn't available it has been classified as "Unknown"

Each going is abbreviated and can be cross referenced to the key on the dashboard page for the full description

I get an error message while searching the databases?

A search error may occur if you have not completed the tick box selection (for instance you have not selected any distances, classes or race courses) within your search

Why do you charge for memberships?

In an ideal world we would open our whole site up for free to everybody. The truth is that most months Racing-Bet-Data operate at a loss, and the prices we charge are the lowest we possibly can. The money generated from product sales, membership fees and important advertising funds are re-directed back into the business enabling growth and additional features – so if it wasn’t for the funding we do receive – there quite simply would be no site to bring to you, and no additional features being added.

On top of the hosting, domain, server and over head charges we also have to pay third parties for data licences and database creation / maintenance, so your membership contributions really do help contribute to the progression of the site. 

How often are the sections and data archives updated?

Our data is updated daily at around 10am UK time (please note during weekends or occasions with more races this maybe a little later)

Why do some selections that met my criteria disappear the next day?

If a horse meets the criteria but then is not on the list the next day it is because it was a non runner. In some races there will be at least one reserve horse that will replace any non runners. We do not offer predicted odds or any pre race information for reserve horses, instead these horses will have "RES" displayed in these respective fields.

I can only see restricted access when creating a system or accessing data?

Basic members have restricted access to our dashboard's. To remove this restriction you will need to upgrade your account here 

The dashboard's appear to freeze or take a long time to load?

Try cutting down on the criteria you are selecting. It is likely that the report you are trying to generate is huge. If you don’t want to change any of your filter criteria, then try filtering out certain race courses or years / months and running more than one search.

If you are having trouble loading a dashboard then please try again in a few minutes. Routine schedule maintenance can occur during the day which will cause a short downtime of a couple of minutes.

What race courses are covered?

We currently cover over 90 courses shown below. Some of the courses run during the summer months (May to August) so Racing-Bet-Data provides data 365 days a year. 

Can output from the dashboard be downloaded?

We have a feature allowing you to quickly export your selections to Excel. Simply click the "Export to Excel" button that appears at the top of your results output after you have selected your criteria and clicked "get results".

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel by going into your Paypal account and clicking cancel subscription. Alternatively click the unsubscibe button and complete your details as requested.

Do I have to log in each time I go to create a search or access archived data?

You session will ”time out” after about 20 minutes and you will then be required to login once more. If you are using a web browser such as Firefox – the dashboard will have the ability to remember your username / password combination for easy sign in.

Can the dashboard create a profitable system?

Yes absolutely it can, and we have many members who run blogs or threads on websites with their selection criteria and upcoming tips. As always with betting though discipline a good staking plan and obtaining the best odds available are equally important as finding a successful system. It may take you a few attempts and some trial and error along the way, but you will get there. It is also possible to create a “reverse system” – ie looking for losers as you can then create a “lay system” using the betting exchanges.

There are less than 2% of total punters who are ever profitable, please use our data to ensure you join this elite group. Profiting at horse racing should be a long term goal, with gradual but steady profits. If you are looking for a site claiming to make you thousands from 1 unit stakes, then please keep looking - and then come back to us when you find such a site doesn't exist :-)

Where do the odds come from that are displayed?

The Industry SP odds displayed in our dashboard and head to head pages are the SP odds (Starting price). The Betfair SP, In Play, and Pre Race odds are provided directly from Betfair.

As mentioned in an earlier question, the odds before a race takes place are our predicted odds on the day of a race, and odds displayed after a race were the actual SP odds. 

Can you display my link / logo on the Racing-Bet-Data website?

We offer the unique opportunity to display your logo / link on our homepage as well as getting an advanced "corporate" membership package with us. Please click here for more info

What data do you provide within the dashboards? 

We provide the SP odds, Betfair odds, In Play Odds, the country of race, the racecourse, the distance of the race, the class of race (if applicable), the scheduled race time, the horses name and the rank of the horse in the race (1 being favourite), the jockey, the trainer, and the weight, our predicted odds and the OR (official rating), headgear, official rating. After the race has taken place we will display the place the horse finished, the winning distance between each horse, how many runners were in the race, and the win and each way profit.

How do I change my password? 

We always recommend you use a UNIQUE password for your login's with Football-Bet-Data and Racing-Bet-Data that are different to passwords you may use for banking, email or other online accounts. Please not passwords are case sensitive and can contain only alpha numeric characters.

To change your password please visit http://www.racing-bet-data.com/account/ or click the "Join Now" tab from the top menu which will allow you to access your account details. We ask all members to notify us once they change a password which will allow us to update the database and ensure you still have full access as an advanced member.