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We have been experiencing a high volume of enquiries asking questions already covered on the site.

The impact of this results in delays in releasing site improvements and upgrades, as we are having to respond to an increased volume of enquiries instead. So by making you aware of the areas of the site you should check first, will not only reduce the strain on our resources, but also likely give you the answer to your question in a shorter space of time than waiting for our reply.

We have given a summary below to hopefully direct you to the answer you seek before submitting an enquiry that has already been covered. If you feel your enquiry is still valid or hasn’t been covered in enough detail, please use the contact us form below and we will reply accordingly.

Specifics on standalone data files – Please navigate to the data landing page which will then give an overview to each data stream. The landing page for each data stream gives information on the outputs as well as a video tutorial on each page that should cover your question.

Data Dashboard queries – Please keep an eye out for book icons inside a circle built into the filter sections on the dashboard which help explain abbreviations. There is also a key of headings hyperlink and a key of place hyperlink visible above on screen output. We also have various videos on our YouTube channel that can help and assist.

Account, Logins & Passwords – Please check out the “Membership options” header menu and the relevant dropdown from there. The next port of call is the FAQ page. This covers many potential issues on logins and general account related settings. For more detailed and precise specifics around account settings and levels please refer back to the membership terms which should cover any individual account enquiries you may have.

Payment issues – All payments are processed through 3rd party gateways (Namely PayPal and Stripe) and managed by the user. We are not able to amend, create or cancel subscriptions on a user's behalf. You will be able to do this through your subscription platform who will action the request accordingly. More info on this can be found on both our FAQ page and within the membership terms.

Example downloads – if you are having issues using any of our example download files. Please ensure you have followed the instructions carefully and correctly. Usually the issues are resolved simply as users have not followed the instructions and are pasting incorrectly.

Please use this form for all other general enquiries

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