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We've broken down the 4 main data streams that we supply, giving a brief explanation about each page's offering. Whether it be data to test or create a profitable horse racing system, or wanting to identify horses likely to trade a certain way in play to open up opportunity to Back to Lay or Lay to Back, or just satisfying your general horse racing info needs we have it covered. As a basic member, you'll be able to sample most of these features in the way of restricted cut down access, or sample files. Upgrading to Advanced will give you full unrestricted access to all of the below.

1 Pre Race Download Files

This is available to Advanced Members only. A sample file is provided for Basic Members

This file is a standalone Excel file overwritten daily and usually made available between 8am and 10am each morning. The file is designed to give you an "at a glance" view of each horse scheduled to run today's complete history. Previous days files are stored and are available to download for advanced members by selecting the archived files option toward the right hand side, these date back to 06/08/2020...


Within the data set is the basic results info you'd expect, position, track raced at, time of race, distance, class, going, weight carried, winning distance, headgear, official rating, number of runners, industry odds and of course jockey and trainer details.

But what gives this file some uniqueness is that we also provide the historical Betfair price details. Betfair SP, in play min and max and for each of the horse's race, the tick reduction/increase and percentage increase/decrease. This information is invaluable when it comes to determining the likelihood of how a horse will trade in play. From this info, we also summarise the avg % odds drop in the last 5 races and last 18 months. This is stand out data that is very hard to find anywhere else grouped together in such an easily obtainable way as this.

We also detail the days since the horse last ran, how many runs in the last 18 months, amount of wins in the last 5 and how many races the horse has had in its entire history

Finally, we also provide our own unique RBD rating for each horse. This is a calculated assessment based on the horses past performance with weightings applied to course and distance, pace, official rating and a variety of other factors. Generally the higher the rating the better the horse.

There is no end to how you manipulate and analyse this data, you can create additional columns and formulae to assist your trading or system creation, knowing that our file format will remain consistent, so you can simply download and paste into your own templates each day.

2 Results and Odds Download Files

This is available to Advanced Members only. A sample file is provided for Basic Members

A downloadable Excel file which updates throughout the day with a final summary at around 10:20pm each evening. Previous days files are stored and are available to download for advanced members by selecting the archived files option toward the right hand side, these date back to 06/08/2020.


As the title suggests, the file provides an analysis of the race after it has happened. Not just the basic results info (place, time, runners, class, distance, race name, going, headgear, winning distance), and all the basic detail you'd expect but also time stamped Betfair odds information.

The file provides the last traded price for the time just before post time, 15 minutes, 10,5,3,2 and 1 minute before the scheduled off, as well as the price bang on post time. Very useful for anyone wanting to analyse how steamers or drifters perform during a race.

The Betfair SP is also included within the file, as well as the price fluctuations in play. Yes, that's right, we provide the price movements in play - capturing the prices about twice a second. This again can be very useful information for anyone wanting to build up a picture of how certain races or horses trade out. Trends can be identified to aid or assist with swing trading and gauging how races in the future are likely to trade. Dobbers will also find this information useful to assess how past races perform with regards to horses' odds movements during a race.

You can identify certain prices where odds tend to reach before "bouncing".

The opportunities are again limitless, and the ways you manipulate or analyse the file are countless and entirely up to you.

3 Data Dashboard

The dataset is limited to 10 rows for Basic Members

The data archive is the heartbeat of the website. Using the present filters you can hone in on specific horses to suit your needs. You can filter by Track, Going, Favourite, 2nd Favourite etc, Jockey, Trainer, Weight, Age, Pace, Headgear, Odds range, Predicted Odds Range, Official Rating, Runners, Distance, Class, Year, Month and more to generate the output you need. Aside to this you can select any date (back to 2002) to bring up the results for that day using the date picker function at the top.


Once you have run your report from the dashboard filters, the profitability table at the bottom will give you an instant summary of your output. It will also summarise the performance by Favourite, 2nd Favourite, 3rd Favourite etc.

All results can be sent directly to Excel for further analysis.

The on screen reporting allows you to click on a horse's name to bring up its entire history, there is also an information panel (marked "i") towards the right that give you trainer and jockey stats.

You don't have to worry about ticking the same filters time and time again because as an advanced member you will be able to use our "Save a Selection" function which allows you to create, name, and store your pre-set criteria for easy recall. There are no limits to the amount of systems you can save, or the amount of reports or downloads you run.

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4 Horse History/Head to Head

The dataset is limited to 10 rows for Basic Members

The H2H functionality does as it says on the tin. It allows you to compare two horses against each other. Output will be generated as long as the horses have raced against each other in the same race at least once. Any 2 horses can be selected by using the "Horse 1" and "Horse 2" filters and clicking get results.


In addition to this, you don't have to use the H2H function to compare 2 horses. You can use it just to obtain and export 1 horse's full history. Simply just fill in the horse's details under "Horse 1" and leave Horse 2 blank, you will be presented with that one horse's entire race history, summarising its finishing position and profitability if backed in each race. Of course, as with all of our reports, this can be easily sent to Excel with a single click of the button.

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