Example Excel Downloads

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For the purpose of the example files, the data used is taken from all Irish and GB races in January 2018. This is just a random sample of data and there is no particular reason to use this other than for information display purposes. These files are intended to show you how Betfair can be used to manipulate data and calculate system opportunity. These files are not intended to serve as betting systems in themselves.

File: RBD IP odds

Explanation of example: This download shows how you can calculate a percentage markup in the odds. Column AE shows the Betfair SP odds with a 50% increase applied. In Column AF we have applied an odds filter to show "OK" where the Betfair SP odds are 5.00 or below (this is just a random odd selected for display purposes) and could be anything you chose. Stake has been set as 10 units in Column AG, and in Column AH a confirmation is given if the in play odds meet or exceed our target required.

So this example file is designed to show potential profit where the horses odds drift by 50% more in play, a lay bet is placed in running at the inflated odds. If the horse wins, our liability is paid out (as shown in row, 2, 9, 33 etc), if it loses (as expected when the odds have drifted) our stake is returned with commission deducted (5% commission is used in the formula). The total for each day is shown in the pivot table in Columns AK:AL.

In reality, not all lay bets will be matched in running - if a horse falls for example the odds will shoot past the 50% trigger point. The file is intended to show how the data can be used to start generating ideas.

Horse Racing Bet Data Example Excel File Download One

File: RBD Pace

Explanation of example: This file shows a simple pivot table with filters applied. First of all the pace filter is used to select horses with a high pace rating (Speed out of the stalls / from the off), the amount of runners is then applied to show a maximum of 14, and then finally only races with a distance of less than 1 mile are included. This is just an example of how you can apply specific filters to display the potential of a system.

Horse Racing Bet Data Example Excel File Download Two

File: RBD Time

Explanation of example: The way Excel displays time and date can cause some issues. This file shows how to display the correct time on a 24 hour clock that will allow you to sort in chronological order if required. Column AE displays the race hour, column AF then applies a conversion to the hour to remove any non numeric characters. Column AG shows the minute and then AH shows the actual race time.

Horse Racing Bet Data Example Excel File Download Three

File: RBD Tissue vs Actual

Explanation of example: this file shows how you can quickly identify where the industry SP was lower than the predicted SP (Tissue price) and perhaps indicate market steamers. Column AE shows where a horse has lower SP than Predicted with an "OK". In AF a % stake is calculated based on the horses Betfair odds. AG shows the stake level in units based on 10 being the max. AH shows the profit / loss using Betfair odds and assumed commission of 5%.

The pivot table in AJ shows the daily returns. Again, this is just an example of how you can start using data and filters to create systems and strategies.

Horse Racing Bet Data Example Excel File Download Four