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A new feature exclusively for members. This download will update throughout the day, giving a summary of the race along with the in-play odds movements as they happened. This is a unique extract that will help you build a picture of patterns, fluctuations and help support trading the volatility of in play horse racing.

The in-play odds are shown in separate columns, time stamping of odds are just over 1 recording a second (more like 3 stampings every 2 seconds).

This will allow members to build up some valuable, exclusive data in an easy to manipulate format. Perfect for those of you involved, or wanting to become involved in in-play trading, specifically Back to Lay or Lay to Back where the basic in-play minimum and in-play maximum figure doesn't paint the full picture.

*Please refer to Disclaimer below.

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Today's Horse Racing Results Info File Download

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In-play odds movement are highly volatile. The displayed is captured at roughly 3 times every 2 seconds and is subject to the availability and accuracy of the provider as well as assuming the market allowed trading in-play.

Where a market suspends and re-opens after the conclusion of a race (photo finish or judges call) the odds movement shown is only during the race taking place itself, i.e. - we don't publish the trading odds after the race has concluded as these markets can re-open for several minutes while a decision is made.

The pre-race odds do not account for any late withdrawals or non runner declarations that may be made just before the start that could affect the movement of odds of other horses.

While we make every effort to ensure the data is reliable and accurate, we can not be responsible for how or where the data is used.