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A new feature exclusively for members. We provide a daily file showing the full history of each horse running today. This file will be updated each morning. Within the file you will see each racecourse separated by separate page tabs which can be toggled toward the bottom of the sheet. This is intended to save members a lot of time each day sifting through individual horses looking for specific criteria.

Today's Pre-Race Info Horse Racing Data File Download

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Download Sample Daily Pre-Race Info File

Example Screen shots

1. The file shows the basic race detail in the first few columns:

Horse Racing Bet Data Today's Data Download Screenshot 1

2. Further to the right it starts to show odds detail. Both Industry and Betfair data is included. It also shows the Tissue price (predicted Industry SP) and the tick reductions (Amount of odds increments the horse dropped by in running) and the odds drop shown as a percentage:

Horse Racing Bet Data Today's Data Download Screenshot 2

3. Even further along you can see the horse's percentage drop and In Play low odds for its past 5 races dynamically. A horse that has won the race is deemed to have a percentage odds reduction of 100%. Also shown are the wins within the horse's last 5 outings, and its average % drop in running for those last 5 outings. Finally, an average of the % drop for the last 18 months is also shown:

Horse Racing Bet Data Today's Data Download Screenshot 3

4. The final screenshot shows the data columns on the far right of the file. The RBD rating is our unique rating given to that horse on the day of the race. Highest being best. This uses a number of factors including past performances over course and distance with a weighting factor given to how recently those races occurred. We also display the previous races run by the horse, the days between reach race, the official rating for the horse and if it's wearing (or worn) any headgear:

Horse Racing Bet Data Today's Data Download Screenshot 4

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