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We provide a daily file showing the full history of each horse running today. This file is usually updated each morning for availability between 8am and 9am. Within the file you will see each racecourse separated by separate page tabs which can be toggled toward the bottom of the sheet. This is intended to save members a lot of time each day sifting through individual horses looking for specific criteria. There is also a selections tab which contains slicers (Excel version 2013 and later only) for additional filtering and analysis as well as a combined tab which is a collection of all the individual racecourses together.

Please note, reserve horses are not included in these sheets

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Today's Pre-Race Info Horse Racing Data File Download
The date of the latest file for download is: 16/07/2024 07:23:06

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Explanation of headers

Most of the columns will be self explanatory to many, but we have detailed them here for you for your confirmation. We placed a freeze on adding more columns in late 2021 as it was causing member unrest that the structure was changing and affecting their templates and automations. We will now only consider additional columns where deemed critical or have been requested multiple times.

On the right hand side you can note the changes to headers made since the inception of these standalone files back in August 2020.

Column Headings

Key of Place

Key of Headgear